Davara is vertical carousel

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What is Davara?? … ( it is an intelligent automated archive and storage ), it can put the objects and documents at your command.

Davara is vertical carousel


Efficient use of urban areas led to high – rise buildings and, on the other hand, new products were mass produced and entered human societies, so to keep this enormous volume of produced goods in these tight quarters there must be a solution and proper equipment should be designed, manufactured and used. In order to keep the goods in a tall storage, this company has proceeded to design and manufacture various machinery and equipment,including the smart mechanized storage and archiving unit to store goods and documents in height ( vertical carousel ) which is produced by this company and is registered with the name Davara. This smart mechanized storage and archiving unit or Davara significantly saves 60% of the available space.It allows quick and easy access to the goods and documents placed at a height.The command and control system of these devices is intelligent and with the use of computer facilitates orderly arrangement,instant stock taking, annual performance report, and safe protection and physical aesthetics of the installation place.



How to use Davara

Davara has movable shelves that scroll vertically such that the floor of the shelf is always in horizontal level.

– The layout inside the shelves can be changed according to the goods that are placed on shelves.

Division of shelves in different modes are described below :

۱ – The length of the shelves can be divided with plates that accommodate larger parts.

۲ – The height of the shelves can be divided into several adjustable parts.This layout is better for smaller pieces.

۳- To accommodate a part, various sliders can be embedded in the shelves, also the length of the shelves can be divided into several separate adjacent sliders.

۴- The length of the shelves can be separated by several plates,each one with its own port.

۵- On the basis of a specific order,a special place will be designed for certain parts.


 Davara is vertical carousel

Davara is vertical carousel



Davara technical specifications:

-Doara is designed and manufactured in various sizes and dimensions by this company.

-The number of Davara racks can be designed and manufactured from 10 to 28 racks.

– Weight -bearing capacity of each rack based on the order can be 100 to 300 kg and the maximum weight for the heaviest Davara is 30 tons.

– Davara is intelligent and works based on electronic and computer command and control systems. All movements of entry and exit of goods, instant stock taking, locating and access to the goods,are made easy by the electronic and computer control system installed in Davara.

– Davara is intelligent and allows you access the goods via the shortest route. By selecting the desired shelf,Davara detects that the shelf on which direction is closest to the door and rotates to the same direction, thus saves time and allows fast access to the goods.

– Davara is safe.When an item drops out during rotation or someone puts his hand inside Davara, safety sensors immediately stop the device before the occurrence of any event.

– Thanks to Davara’s computer, any warehousing programming or automation can be used. All protective and security systems such as mechanical and electronic encrypted locks, finger impression, etc. can be installed and run on these devices.

The advantages of using Davara :

When God created man, he breathed its soul in him, i.e. wisdom and intelligence, then the intelligent man made various tools to serve him for a better living. Davara is one of the tools made by human intelligence that serves him to attain comfort and peace of mind.

Davara advantages:

۱ -Saves 60% of the available space due to the use of height.

۲ -Correct storage of the goods, documents and objects with high physical protection in a suitable environment, away from the dust and harmful lights.

۳ -Storage of goods with a very orderly layout, without the product being visible, away from unauthorized access and with high – security protection.

۴ -Very fast locating and search of goods or documents that probably have been placed elsewhere by mistake.

۵ -Very quick and easy access to the goods or documents via the nearest path.

۶-The possibility of creating a special environment to store goods that require moisture and temperature control.

۷ -Instant stock taking and inventory information at any moment.

۸ -Balancing the inventory in the warehouse.

۹ -Access to the data of the previously completed operations.

۱۰ -Remote control of the completed operations.

۱۱ -Safety locks( 1 – mechanical, 2 – finger impression, 3 – electronic password 4 – hardware lock ).

۱۲ -The possibility of installing fully automatic fire extinguishing system.

۱۳ -Report of the history of completed operations along with the user data.

Davara applications:

Humans use their unlimited mind to design and build various tools, machinery and equipment. Some of these tools are specific with a limited performance, but a number of these machines and equipment are designed and manufactured for many different purposes and goals. Davara is one of these types of mechanized and smart devices for the storage of a variety of goods, objects and documents in height.

Various uses of Davara

Commercial sector:

This device is used to store all types of goods ( heavy, medium – weight, light – weight, liquid and solid).

– Light – weight goods such as cardboard boxes and packaging of pharmaceutical and health care products, foodstuff, confectionery( cakes and cookies ) and other similar items.

– The medium – weight goods such as desktop household appliances, audio and video sets, small electric motors, tires, textiles,chemicals, medium – size cardboard boxes of cereals and nuts and similar items.

– Heavy goods up to 2.5 tons like cars,palettes of nuts, palettes of polymer sheets, heavy pharmaceutical palettes up to 2.5 tons, and other similar items up to the maximum capacity of 30 tons.

– Applicable in all commercial warehouses, stores, spare parts and accessories stores, shoe shops, tire stores, textile shops, and wherever to save the available space, there is a need for storage at height.

Industry sector :

Most uses of Davara in industry include accessible warehouses of production and assembly lines.Because of using the height, these warehouses are placed along the production and assembly lines and everyday their stocks are supplied according to the production capacity; and half – finished, standard or finished parts used in assembly are delivered very quickly and easily to production and assembly operators which include light – weight and medium – weight parts. In these warehouses,very fine parts like sub – millimeter nuts and bolts and rivets up to medium – weight parts like gear – box electric motors, small hydraulic and pneumatic units, jacks and fluid valves, various pumps and similar items are stored, controlled and commanded .

Administrative sector :

Davara is used in the administrative sector to archive documents and files with a smart and mechanized method. Documents are placed in a container away from unauthorized access with several types of mechanical, electronic and finger impression locks to ensure physical and secure protection. This device is used in all offices and wherever there is a need to archive files and documents, such as hospitals, municipalities, ministries, notary public offices, libraries, etc

Drug warehouse and laboratories sector :

Davara is a device that offers the best option to store medication because it is very systematic and controllable in terms of temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions for the medication storage.Therefore, it can be used in large medication distribution warehouses and even medical labs, operation rooms,scientific research centers, and other similar locations.

Home sector :

Davara can be used in the kitchen as a smart mechanized cabinet. With the push of a few buttons, all cooking appliances or any type of dishes will be accessible to you on a regular basis with a very nice layout and also 60% of available space can be saved. Davara can be used as a smart wall – mounted cupboard or wardrobe to keep your favorite and luxurious accessories in a mechanized environment. Household store rooms can take the best advantage of Davara to keep the household store rooms in order. It can be said that we put the objects around the house at your command.

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